Supply list

Enterprise Elementary School

Supply list


Grades 1-8 



1 Notebook for loose leaf notebook paper (No spiral notebooks please)

  • Wide ruled loose leaf paper 1st-3rd grade only
  • College-ruled loose leaf paper   4th grade and up

2 Mead wireless composition notebooks, college ruled (any color) (3rd grade and up)

1st-2nd Grade will need a primary journal

3 pocket folders colors (red, blue, and green)
1 Ruler with standard and metric measurements
1 box of #2 pencils (minimum of 12)

1 Pencil box (to keep supplies neat in desk)

1 large Eraser
1 set of Colored pencils

1 set of Crayons

1 Pencil sharpener (one that catches shavings)

1 pair of Scissors
1 Water bottle 
1 Backpack or book bag
4 Glue sticks

2 boxes of Kleenex

1 bottle of hand sanitizer

1 pair of tennis shoes (for PE) Students will need to have shoes they can run in for PE.



The list above is the classroom supplies every student should have for the beginning of the school year.  Other items may be requested during the course of the school year.